We should bear in mind that the flow, or transmission of electricity. Men who had grown old and gray in their profession said that they'never attended such a splendid medical society where they learned so much.' May God hasten the day when we shall stand shoulder to shoulder, a united profession, with all the bitterness of the past buried and forgotten!" We are in entire accord with any association which has for its object the betterment of the profession along all lines of scientific, social and ethical progress. Having served an apprenticeship, as was common in those days, with large opportunities of acquiring a practical knowledge of medicine and surgery, he manifested at an early period a decided predilection for ophthalmology, the branch of the healing art that chiefly brought him into notice afterwards, both among his brethren and in the community. The safest eoarae, undoubtedly, is to take up a residence in a climate in which the disease IS less liable to be reproduced than in the climate in which it has been tlremdy deyeloped. For thi.s end the prsecordia may be painted daily with the tincture of iodine, or small blisters may be applied, removing them as soon as vesication begins, and allowing the blistered surface to dry up rapidly. Shoulder-hand syndrome is also Support and proper positioning of the hemiplegic upper extremity, muscle facilitation, prevention of contractures, and early mobilization constitute the focus of treatment. It is necessary in the purely physical discussion to stop at this point. It takes place frentienili The occurrence of haemoptysis generally occasions much ulami and an lire, if not altogether, to the mental condition induced by the attack first duty of the physician is to endeavor to remove needless apprehensio frotn the mind of the patient.

The oxalate of cerium, from two to five grains at a dose, is another useful remedy. Even though a patient in this condition have no cough, no expectoration, and complain of no pain, yet his chest should be explored with great care, especially if he have fever. Under chloroform, I succeeded in replacing the projecting portion to a considerable extent, though without getting perfect apposition. The tongue usually in the later stages is dry, chapped, loses its sensitiveness, and becomes necrotic or gangrenous.

He gazes with an eye of solicitude upon all around him, and commands a breathless silence. At all events, After increasing in intensity for six or eight days, a sudden improvement may take place, just as in croupous pneumonia, the general disturbance and dyspnoea undergoing a marked decrease, or even ceas ing totally within a few hours.

Miliary tuberculosis has a higher temperature range than acute bronchitis, and more prostration. Some of them show a similarity to tumor formation, especially on the comb where the skin is thickest, but on the wattles and feathered skin around the head this feature is less pronounced. When labor pains began a Csesarean section was performed and twins were delivered alive, after which the uterine body and ovaries were removed.

A neglected throat, from which subacute ulcerative endocarditis developed, closing a promising career.

The right side it extends too far downward, and when of the left too intensity of the pressure hinders the formation of regular vibrations, and the sound is not tympanitia So tense does the thoracic wall sometimes become, that percussion does not produce any sonorous waves at all, and, even when practised with heavy strokes, only gives rise to a feeble, dull sound. It is very important to be able to make an accurate diagnosis for the protection of other animals. Sensibility is fairly normal, except in the parts supplied by the left median nerve, where it is decidedly impaired. I should add that I have known a complete widih infT. The patient is also painfull conseious of it; the organ appears sometimes to perform a rolling or lumblin Intermitteiicy of the heart's action is another feature in certain cases, action of the heart is for an instant arrested; one, two, or three beats are lo and generally irregularity of action precedes and follows the tnteruiission sion of the heart's action may be liable to take place.

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio