health for three months when chronic peritonitis set in probably
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about a quarter or a half hour afterward. Thirty six hours after the
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secreted in part into the lymphatics instead of into the bile capil
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fats or carbohydrates. On general principles however it is wiser
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these two acids split up the taurocholic acid yielding taurine
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M. Larrey considered that this case at all events was not without
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Perhaps the most valuable contribution to our knowledge of
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the nutrition of the lower half of the body. These alterations are
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during convalescence. Acute nephritis was notetl in 15 cases 2.7
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Symptoms. This parasite is of unusual medical interest as a
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to occur. Moreover the irrigations were inconvenient they were
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cholera appeared at Khanakin about 8 miles from the Persian
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ritation is not the starting point of inflammation but the flrst
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quently observe blood clots which have been formed at different tmies
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was quite readily grown and isolated in pure culture. A good many
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cystitis which produce an inhibitory action upon the bladder muscle.
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according as the fevers were treated 1st by expfectation 2d by
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marked active case of tubercular type. Duration three years.
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cases the disease appeared to advance from the stomach to the colon
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templated Ae production of a blackish colour by applying dilute sul
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feet four iMche.s weight one hundred and eight pounds skin and
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at the same time. This method therefore serves for autolaryngo
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nal wall was then sutured. After a variable course of three months
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lite prolonger and follows that author in the firm belief that the
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rapidly downward i.e. in the direction of the movement but
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substances formed during contraction in any muscle or group of
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durino the displacement of the bone. A more careful clinical inquiry
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the testicle with well marked enlargement of the organ. He consulted
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to divide these cases into typical septicemia and pyemia. In 34 cases
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ward from the popliteal space for a distance of six inches nmer
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the bladder. But supposing it had been otherwise and that the in
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Starting with these propositions it is important in the first place
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addition of one of these removable sections does not increase the size
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case and two inches in another I refractured the femur in both