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Letter from A Bride

I can’t begin to express my gratitude for everything you have done for me. You went above and beyond to assure our day will truly be special and amazing. You have played every role when my mother, fiancé, and maid of honor couldn’t be there. Most of all you were a great friend. I am lucky to have found you. Thank you for everything!

Mallory Taylor-Mooney


Focus on Females
Valerie has been the event planner for Focus on Females Women’s Healthcare Symposium since its creation in 2005. As the host of this event, it was very important to me to pick the right person who could assist with taking my ideas and vision and pull together all the logistics together perfectly, and I know I made the best decision in selecting Valerie. Each year as Focus on Females continues to grow in attendance, Valerie takes on the challenge with executing the planning and coordinating in new venues with enthusiasm. Post-event evaluations consistently praise how well organized and well run the event is, largely in part of Valerie’s efforts. She brings new and creative ideas on how to continually improve and strengthen the event from one year to the next. I highly recommend Valerie as an event consultant to any organization or corporation looking to take their event to the next level. Her drive, determination and work ethic would be a great asset to any event.

Steven L. Maskin
M.D., F.A.C.S., P.A.
The Cornea and Eye Service Center

Letter from a Bride

Valerie, the best wedding coordinator ever!! My mom and I can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave us in planning our wedding. Hiring you was the best decision we could’ve made. Instead of running around like a chicken with its head off, my mom actually got to enjoy the wedding she paid so much for. And Colin and I kept saying how perfect it was during the entire honeymoon – we couldn’t stop talking about it. If anything wasn’t perfect, we definitely never knew about it!

Jenny Stutts

MacDonald Training Center

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I have known Valerie for almost four years now; she serves as the event consultant for my organization’s largest fundraiser, the All That Glitters Wine Tasting and Silent Auction. During this time, she has helped us significantly to both expand and refine our event. Over the last three years, with her assistance, the wine tasting went from netting under $25,000 to netting over $65,000. Valerie is extremely well-connected in the Tampa Bay community… She is punctual, well-organized, thorough, detail-oriented, honest and candid. She never promises something she can’t deliver and never fails to deliver what she promises. She’s also a tough and very savvy negotiator. Working with Valerie is an absolute pleasure. She is highly regarded throughout this community and is considered one of Tampa’s premier event planners, a reputation that she has earned through tenacity and hard work and one that is well-deserved.

Marianne Monoc
Director of Development
MacDonald Training Center

Letter from the Bride and Groom

Thank you so much for helping us put together the most splendid and wonderful wedding ceremony and reception we have ever been a part of... Thanks for keeping us on budget, getting the right vendors for us, helping us to know what was needed, keeping us on schedule, understanding “The Vision”, and executing a glorious day. It was perfect and we feel that it is directly attributable to you. We have only one question… do you do christenings?

Rolande and Claudel Olivier
Bride and Groom


We’ve been working with Valerie for the past 18 months or so and she has been an amazing resource for our business. We’ve hosted three large corporate events together in Miami, Chicago, and here in Tampa, and all were a huge success in large part because of Valerie’s dedication and expertise. Our event budgets have ranged from low five figures to close to 6 figures, but without Valerie’s connections and bargaining power, I am absolutely certain these would have cost us much more, and they would not have been as wonderful. The savings more than covered her fee, and I felt like I had an experienced full-time employee on staff at a fraction of the cost. I would happily recommend Valerie to anyone looking for help with a corporate event (as long as she remains available to us!)

Darren Wilson
Claris Law, LLC and InjuryBoard.com

Letter from the Bride

A great big thank you for helping us make our wedding day so perfect and relaxed, you were the best choice by far. Not only because of your experience but because you are a great friend… You took our dream and made it a reality. I’ll certainly be recommending you to my friends. If you need any references, let me know.

Sandy Camera

Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

The Great Big Stuff event was a great big success! Thanks for all you did to make it happen. You’re the best!

Paul B. Bilyeu
Director of Public Relations
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center

Letter from a Mother of the Bride

“Thank you”, it’s a small word that carries a big meaning. I can’t start to list all the wonderful things you did to help make Sumi and Ugo’s wedding weekend a HUGE success, there’s not enough paper in our home. Suffice it to say that we are forever grateful you were around. Your patience, efficiency and calm demeanor were the perfect prescription for our “dramatic” family. Any time you need a reference, we are there for you. Thanks again for EVERYTHING.

The Rao’s

Letter from a Mother of the Bride

Thank you so much for making Lauren and Adam’s wedding day so memorable. I didn’t need to worry about anything so I could just enjoy the whole day! I am so grateful for all you did! Thank you.

Joanne and Charlie Mirabella
Parents of the Bride

Letter from a Father of the Bride

When we started planning on the wedding…I saw the stress on Linda and if she is stressed then I know who the stress will be taken out upon! I have a business to run, golf to play, etc. - no time for hearing about something that I really have no insight on how to fix or how to repair! This is where you came in! And came you did! I think I found you on line and when you came over and went though what you did...I knew that at least Linda would have someone to plan with and vent too! … When I walked into the room around 2pm on Saturday, you gave me a smile as you gazed at the tears that were filling up in my eyes at the wonder, beauty and the magnificence of this room that was just a meeting room at a Hotel with carpet and lights, just a big empty space; it was nothing but under your direction you made this place, well, a garden, a Paradise, a place where God would have put Adam and Eve if he had saw it before he created them. A place where every little girls dream of being and every Angel comes to relax and enjoy the beauty of heaven! I do not remember if I gave you a hug or not because I was overwhelmed in the wonder of it all but I hoped I did! However, point being.... You were the ANGEL behind the scenes that made Heaven happen for our daughters wedding! THANK YOU for being that ANGEL for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam Cowart

Letter from the Bride and Groom

Thank you so much for making our big day one of the best in our lives. You have our endless appreciation!

Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Jamie Marcos
Bride and Groom

Letter from a Mother of a Bride

Although the Carp-Rosin wedding was several weeks ago, the memories of the planning and the evening are very much with us. Our thank yous would not be complete without letting you know, Valerie, how much we appreciate your services. You were my “security blanket” for Sasha’s wedding day. From our very first meeting up until it was the last moments of the wedding night, you acted in a most competent and organized fashion. All of my concerns and questions were acted upon and answered immediately. I hope to refer you to many futures mother of the brides. Thank you for making my duties a lot less worry free.

Erin Carp
Mother of the Bride

Letter from a Bride and Groom

Thank you for making our wedding run so smoothly. I never panicked when the lights went out because I knew how awesome you were. You were a blessing to our wedding. I miss talking to you everyday! We will keep you updated on our life. We love you!

CC and Jordan Marshburn
Bride and Groom

Letter from a Mother of the Groom

As Dan and I have had a chance to “catch our breath” and reflect on the beautiful wedding of Jordan and CC’s, we are so grateful to you. There’s no doubt that you guided me through the steps of the grooms family responsibilities and kept us on track throughout the process. Your organizational skills, patience and kind spirit was of such value to me. With my mother so ill there is no way I could have had such a lovely party without your help. I only wish that you would be available for future weddings in the Marshburn family… Thank you for all you did for Dan and me. May your continued success be great.

Melinda Marshburn
Mother of the Groom

Letter from the Family of a Bride

Our feet have hardly touched down and our hearts are still pounding with love; Jenny and Dan's wedding was even more special than we had ever imagined! Thank you for working so hard to make it all run like clockwork and helping it to be one of the most special days in the lives of us all. We know the day would have never been the same without you. From the moment Jenny and Dan met you they felt secure that all would be well - and it was - way beyond expectations. Please know we have told everyone how much we loved working with you and only hope you will be able to honor us once again by assisting us with Arielle's wedding when the day comes.

The Novicks
Family of the Bride

Letter from a Mother of the Bride

What would we have done without you? There was no Bridezilla in this wedding thanks to your expertise and guidance… I’ll close with this: You’re the Best!! P.S. Jenny says she had the “perfect wedding”.

Kathy Murdock
Mother of the Bride

Letter from a Bride and Groom

Thank you so much for everything! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. You were great to work with and we wish you the best!

Kristy and Byron Loper
Bride and Groom

Letter from a Mother of the Bride

Words will never be able to express how truly wonderful you have been for the past 10 or so months. What could have potentially been a nightmare for me, has instead been a great experience. I’ve actually been able to enjoy this time with my daughter.

Jinkey Barker
Mother of the Bride

Letter from a Groom

Having you on hand on the wedding day, as a guest and in your official capacity, was just another great way you eased the stress on us on that incredibly stressful day. All day long my response to any questions (from guest, photographer, videographer…) was “ask Valerie”. What a wonderful thing. Our wedding could not have been as great as it was without your help. Tanya and I both thank you for everything, and we highly recommend your services to others who are seeking help with the incredible demands of planning and executing successful marriage.

Neil F. Lewis, P.A.

Letter from a Bride

You did a phenomenal job on helping me plan the wedding. I had friends and family members tell me how beautiful and perfect everything was. Thank you so much! You’re awesome!

Lisa Shockley

Letter from a Bride and Groom

Without you, our day wouldn’t have gone so smoothly! Thank you for all your time and effort. You put up with our crazy schedules and silly personalities and made awesome impact in our lives! We will definitely keep in touch.

Daniel and Necole Elias
Bride and Groom

Letter from a Vendor

It was a pleasure working with you on Saturday at the Vinoy. It always makes our job so much easier when we are working with other professionals who share our same dedication to the bride and groom. You did an amazing job! I know how hard coordinating everything is and it went so smoothly! …Because if your organization and coordination of all of the vendors, we were able to spend time doing what we do best – capturing the evening as it unfolded… You were always there and supportive not only to the couple and their families, but to all of the vendors as well. In short, we love you!

Cara Lewis
Sales and Marketing
Hearts Video

Letter from the Parents of a Bride

Our thanks and appreciation for all that you did to make it a very beautiful wedding. The whole family had a wonderful time. We thank you for taking the stress out of our day. You were terrific to work with; we almost hate to see it end. If Ed and I can do anything to promote your career, please don’t hesitate to let us help!

Ed and Jane Racila
Parents of the Bride