desired, and if the present freedom from recurrence
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these affections were treated in a somewhat ine.Kact and incomplete man-
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red area, about 1 to 2 cm. in diameter, which persists for a week or ten days,
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the patients on whom I employ it almost uniformly speak
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keeps his statistics better than any other surgeon, certainly, in our
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lar or lymphoid) tissue, fibrous or areolar tisBae,
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disorders. A general hospital of this size would receive at least five hundred
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and frictions, we might also make use of mercurial fumigations continued
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(3) Innocent tumors should be removed in toto by clean dissection.
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hysteria and hypnotism ever so much better than before
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mediately after eating. See Dr. Green's Comj^endium of Cutaneous Dis-
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absorbed or burst open, or pus may undergo fatty or
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ity in a patient under treatment for drug addiction, as for
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1893, AVa.sli., 1895, p_t. 2, 2100. — Aphctoiiles (F.) Tlcpl
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the surface ; while, at the same time, irritation is kept at
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1. Lobelius — Stirpium historia Observationes, 1576, p. 570.
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stringent ; first, all proved cyst carriers were sent home ; then all
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tended with any danger, but that they become sources
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It lessens the toughness of muscular fibres, gelatinizes the connec-
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and congestion of the internal organs. If this condition of high tension be
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of suspicious abdominal symptoms it should be recorded every quarter
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tending upward and along the ramus of the jaw ; the other,
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mentary canal j^er os. In 12 cases of various forms of acute and
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conclusions can be drawn as to the effect of treatment.
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the pulmonary artery — Jaundice and nutmeg liver . . 608
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physician, who in his turn is discouraged from all effort in
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Acute Myocarditis. — Its origin, anatomy, and results.
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a portion of the fibres of each root is derived from the white fibrous substance of the cord,
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in the right auriculoventricular orifice and resulted in death of the
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as compared with inspiration; and, when prolonged from gen-
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the incidence became significantly higher only in the aged rats receiving
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I have taken pains invariably to speak of suspension
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that you are the chosen ones who will benefit by Mrs. Thomp-
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caine used is ever sufficient to cause constitutional ef-
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in such cases. No urobilin appeared in the urine, but this may have been due to the
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tules. Tile caustic is then dried off with a tampon of