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These cases are among those which afford the most striking examples of

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or less of the affected side. The vocal signs are those denoting solidifi-

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next chapter, under the heading "acute bronchitis in .young children."

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benefitted from the application of exact hygienic and scien-

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it was replaced the patient felt easier, but was not completely re-

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examination now shows granular matter, the tuberculous corpuscles few

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the general condition, the propriety of continuing them is doubtful. A

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imminent danger to life. And the conclusions of liowditch, as just stated,

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to be generally employed excessively or largely. The same rules are to

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of the instrument is to be placed deep within the axilla, and the arm of

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tion commonly known as true croup. The exudation is generally regarded

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produced by this cause, the contents of the stomach escaping into the

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experience, as regards the use of raw meat, is too limited to serve as the

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a popular professor, and an earnest teacher of medicine, but as a

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bility, including emanations, the me/lium of contact, in the latter, being

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carefully considered. Other tumors, from their situation are liable to be

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standing, nor by its color any cancerous disease. On opening

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protruded intestines from their becoming deeply chilled during

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lead to progressive enlargement of the heart, ani therefore pericarditis

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the heat of the body, a tliermometer special!}^ adapted to this purpose is

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because this cavit}^, being already distended, does not offer space for the

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occur in this case, and the expectoration was slight.

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The volume is a distinct help to the student, and is a necessary supplement to the

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case, that yeast might prove equally beneficial, by causing a decom-

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nation, the reader is referred to works treating of morbid histolog3\

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period is a month. Death occurs by slow asthenia. Perforation was the

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diverticula of the intestinal tube, which are not very infrequent. Bands

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mental apath}^ spasm, unchanged expired air, defective secretion, etc.

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I have had no personal experience in the use of the

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the gastric mucus, and thus favoring its removal. Jt is, however, not

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tuberculous, and to the so-called tuberculous meningitis of children.

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Treatment. — The management of asthma embraces, fir^t^ the treatment

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio