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contain specific bacteriolytic substances that are rendered inactive only by

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milk of lime (1 part of freshly slacked quicklime, with 2

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various companies regard the factor of occupation. Every

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preUminary to more tonic treatment. The dose for an adult is 15 grains

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7 deaths. Geographical conditions seem to influence the death-rate very

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recommended to stain with diluted Ziehl's fuchsin solution (1 to 9).

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The lesions of the lungs, although usually due to secondary infections,

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Symptoms. — ^^Vhooping-cough has three stages: i.e., a catarrhal stage,

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war of 1870-71, and depended largely upon the farsighted care of the Ger-

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between the amount of nitrogen excretion and the rate of absorption of the

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companies have is liberal ; that is, $3 or $5 for an examina-

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way glandered horses may be fraudulently prepared for sale

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Both risks were passed by an examiner of good professional

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stration by Schaudinn of Spirochsete pallida in the lesions of syphilis again

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animal being very susceptible to tuberculosis, especially by

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in mild attacks. It may however extend further, disintegration of the

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specific germ, but in calves often follow inferior lymph.

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that disinfection is effectual, and, in order to accomplish this, the details must

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of the cases which drag on for months. The symptoms are not especially

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fatally. In each instance the onset had been sudden, the temperature high

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allowed themselves to err in the idea that intercourse should remain perfectly

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hemorrhage; of 25 cases, 19 or 76 per cent, had casts of air vesicles; of

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Pericarditis. — Pericarditis seems to have been a complication in the fatal

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descriptions and physiological actions of medicines,

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was maintained during the course of the slight eruption.

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the attempt to pronounce the well-known sentence: "Round

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As soon as Asiatic cholera is recognized all efforts must be turned toward

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Bronchitis. — This is one of the early symptoms although the patients

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The epidermis shows but slight changes beyond swelling of the cells in the

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products of those tissues. This excess results, first, from

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disease; kidneys large, capsules slightly adherent, and cysts.

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the legs for a long time after an attack, may be examples of slight grades of

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fluxion dc la poitrine. Popular terms: lung fever; in North Germany,

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animals, which have not been exposed to infection, may

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greased, is ])assed into the rectum or vagina; or water may

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Grisolle's study based upon 29 cases, shows that abscesses are generally

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because they do not convey any idea of the etiology of the disease. It is

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tracheal glands is more like whooping-cough than the cough heard in any

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a majority of cases, Bassett-Smith, West, and others, note its absence in

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membrane of the ventricles may be thickened and the seat of exudate.

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eruption of smallpox, the body is more affected than the face and extremities.

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