paralysed, associated with loss of power in the limbs ; if of the opposite

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adhesions and other marks of inflammation of this membrane

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ral and phyfical habits of the female fex I Is it the fame in other in-

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lation of about 1,000,000. Situated near the mouth of the Yangtze

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wholly to eliminate the effects of the condition of the

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o Mastzellen. Gior. d. r. di med. di Torino, 1891, 3.

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weighing well what I say, I am sure that no discovery of

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simultaneous administration of antipyrm and iodine,

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method, and thus avoid the necessity for so severe an operation

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known. They are of a pale-pink color, and in form resemble

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I select the following: case, because it was one of unusual severity :

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least, if it have symptoms, they cannot be distinguished from, those of

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Next began a plan of steady, urgent calls upon her for increase of the

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on the outer side of the tendon and produced a visible enlargement

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commodation, feebly to light, but the eye-grounds were nor-

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But if a doctor start in, in a small room, with himself and probably the

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kindly gave the patient to my esteemed house surgeon,

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being investigated without including zymotic diseases and the cachexise, and

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not ruminate, as the horse and the hare, have enormous ca?ca ;

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that germ alone of which it is the toxin. It is all based upon one law that

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The symptoms simulating appendicitis afterward proved to be due

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of any violence being exerted, the utmost gentleness should

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Tn the Ignited States there is an association devoted Avliolly

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of life) 19 for PM vs mastectomy patients, and no differ-

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rals. There is, in his case, every reason to suppose

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tension and counter-extension are used with a view to prevent undue

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facility. A full teaching corps. Laboratories with latest equipment. Modern methods of instruc-

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present. The onset is often rather insidious than outspokenly active,

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1 or 2 mg. are reached, and the patient remains well, the interval

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Dr. Taulier, of Avignon, Senator for Vaucluse. — The Lancet.

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cardiac area in the second interspace to the left of the sternum.

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By Dr. P. K. Hoy, Wisconsin, a paper on Four Cases of

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test of a surgeon's methods, was the occurrence of pri-

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age death-rate for the whole population to be 1,000,

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mercury, and a proper regulation of diet, the patient was soon reheved,

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Court addressed these questions in a case of first impres-

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of it. If we lay a plano-convex glass on the printed lines of a

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when seeing the woman in apparently so dangerous a con-

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has produced upon his vitality, and the early performance of

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ingly set down as a feature of this disorder; and the

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ter, M. D., Gynfecology ; Emil Gruening, M. D., and

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to a sudden and copious purulent expectoration, if the life of the patient be

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nexion with the upper bar of the instrument ; the effect being

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio