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damp and foggy. Impervious and yet retentive soils, as stiff clays and
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occur. There was one such instance in this series, the appendix being
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known to be tubercular at the operation, as bacilli had al-
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obtained without being able to prevent the disease from returning on the
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downwards. The heart, whicli is enlarged, is elevated by the fluid, but to a less degree
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five pounds). She was near the end of the ei;i;ht,li month of her
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Physiology is held by Max Verworn' to have as its task
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relates a case in which the patient traced it to a cold caught while he was
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the health of the people of Great Britain will continue to
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was covered with incised wounds, ranging from half an
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Moreover it is not unlikely that in many other cases
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tion — and ending in exhaustive suppuration, gangrene,
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nor in the direction of a current of air from the patient toward yourself, nor eat
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caused a fall of haemoglobin (8.5 per cent, to 62.5 per cent, in two hours and forty
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2. the hitherto intact inner core containing the anti-
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of fibrin in sodium fluorid which will keep for months. The fluid which is to be
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Here the proportion is about 1 in 5|. But Jioic were these 24
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to divide the substances necessary to the nourishment of plants
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of the brain, with or without haemorrhage, is found in those who have died
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"Manual of the Use of Static Electricity in X-ray and Therapeutic
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Now, I may be permitted to suggest that it is not at all
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