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pinski L. Chronic enteritis and tuberculous enteritis

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monia of the upper lobe of the right lung. He was treated at

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sluggish and torpid. Cyanotic children rarely live long but ex

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the islands of the Levant and in Southeastern Europe and

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as well as in America may have been damaged within the past twenty

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lotion and ointment composed of iodide of potassium and glycerin

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lethargic state there is general muscular relaxation and the

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from the uterine cavity during menstruation child bed uterine catarrh

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until the free edge of the epiglottis is touched by it

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subsequent cases. I treated them on the expectant method

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consequence of which respiratory changes in abdominal pressure are trans

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Senn s plates were used and an anterior gastro enterostomy performed.

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Although birds had been excluded from this report so far as tuberculosis

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Etiology. The bacillus bipolaris ovisepticus represents

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but educators of the deaf differ as to whether seeing A is

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the apex of the pyramidalis it then cuts a very delicate fascia

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pression is by no means the rule. One picture shows

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In exceptional cases foals may be born with the affection

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patients urea is excreted by the skin. This seems only to occur shortly

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licheu Irrenanstalten des Grosslierzogtbums S. Weimar

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lesions as well as some pages on tlie use of the ophthalmoscope.

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the back with soap liniment. Apply a binder or bandage around the

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obstruction was near the lower end of the ureter. Accordingly

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When such a current is passed through a normal nerve

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dition of electricity for the past two months having been followed