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examination. When this is made, an abnormally mobile kidney is
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tinuance of treatment when its continuance was most important
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exactly the same, and nothing being different, except the medi-
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of basic bismuth nitrate and 4 parts of sodium tartrate to 100 parts of
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hematemesis. Peptic ulcers may be single, but are oftener multiple.
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(hypodermoclysis). Both the former procedure and gastric lavage are
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pyuria might subside or cease. The abdominal opening healed in a few-
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be paroxysmal, though oftener it is constant, with moderate exacerba-
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interstitial nephritis) are seen in those who have been spirit-habitues.
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its acid in concentrated form and attacks the enamel, undisturbed
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septic in nature, and occurs in fatal as well as in the mild or favorable
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use, contends that its curative properties have not yet been demonstrated.
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spheres or on the pons, and rather superficially, connecting directly or
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Prognosis. — The course of Addison's disease is almost always
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Certain well-known faults in the materia medica were
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tion of the dejections in constipation we find " a copious detritus of
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presence of a tumor along the line of the sigmoid flexure or colon ;
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Rosenbach test is made more distinct by acidulating the filtrate with
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dust or as large as an almond. Among their pathologic effects are fis-
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vomiting, and diarrhea may rarely occur. The liver and spleen are
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cicatrix. Infection of the infarcts by pus-micrococci leads to the devel-
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hepatic colic and of hematuria in renal colic. Rheumatism of the
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Climatological Association, held in Washington, September 22-25,
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endemic, and hence it is rare in America. A marked sporadic case has,
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The American Association of Clinical Research is the first organized
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amorphous urates. It is not dissolved by heat, however, though soluble
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specimen of urine) of urates, epithelial cells, blood-corpuscles, and d(?bris
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Some pain and muscular twitching may precede the onset of the
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the patient is also easily fatigued, and becomes quite languid. Occa-