of these wounds and the presence of foreign bodies^ chiefly derived

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May 9, 1878, she located in Cincinnati, a stranger with

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Anna M. Warren, M.D., of Emporia, Kan., read a paper on the

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Long Island College Hospital, Kings County Hospital and St. John's;

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perhaps, appeal more closely to its womanly than to its manly

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Royal S. Copeland received a liberal classical education in the pub-

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whose father was a contemporary and personal friend of

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became a member of the class of 1879 in the Woman's

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splinters and irritating foreign bodies. We must not hesitate

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effects upon his vigorous frame, so that after his return home he

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We have already intimated that there is great variety in the general

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A.B. at the age of nineteen. He did graduate work the following year

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ciation (1910-11), of the American Clinical Association (1911-12)

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authorities in the treatment of fever, is alive to the well-being of

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the blood to coagulate. Thus, thrombosis of a femoral vein occurs, or throm-

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but also so far as the recognition of the patient's immediate con-

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habit of lifting heavy weights. She never was sick a day until

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the diseased joints, we find fibrous disintegration of the matrix of the car-

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Bailey, of Jersey Heights, N. J, Mrs. Pratt is a lady of

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3. A bullet that is almost level with the skin may be removed

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Health Commissioner of New York City. In 1874 he was president

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of theory and experience, of books and practice, of lec-

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dose, and repeated within half an hour. This had the effect of checking the

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conditions of a paralytic character. These symptoms may devel-

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therefore, is not strictly a " complication," but a symptom of the disease.

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The anaemia is all the more acute when the loss of blood

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General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio