edition pp. 992 S47 illustrations. Philad lj hia and London

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cumstances leaving no doubt that tapeworms were produced by

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Spanish territory. In further consideration of the probable origin

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current or mixed fever 57 cases. Cold in the shape of an

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joyed by the patient for an indefinite period of years.

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ful. In 9 cases of rhinitis sicca even when complicated by

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stage of the disease with but little regard to individual peculiarities

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he need only say that the analysis of the unsuccessful cases showed

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As to the usual result of this malady the author considered that

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objections presented by Kerr were as follow 1. That only a

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into the lower part of the bowel and caused difficulty in micturition.

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and this leads to the anemia which is so constant a feature. The

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sence of better drugs in certain cases of primary and nervous in

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carried out and the cerel rospinal fluid examined culturally. Its

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The chorda fibres which enter these cells are meduUated those

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years he enjoyed uaintemipted health while working at the clay. At he

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parts was also infiltrated with blood. The median furrow of the fourth

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secondary syphilis. The drug was used in the form of emulsion

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mentioned that he had noted contraction of the pupils in persons

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ness no anesthesia no blindness. She did not sufier from head

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bath are very complete. The water is sulphurous and issues forth

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day no hsemorrage took place and the pulse declined to 82. Con

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the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina with sea ports of Jeddo and

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have them manifest themselves on subsequent occasions on the other

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Conclusions. 1. A positive Wassermann reaction is frequently

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drug appears as a fine crystalline powder soluble in 24 parts of

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than in adults. The species of parasite is of some importance but

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But neither the clinical symptoms nor the pathological anatomy

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diet. Coleman advises as the minimum reciuirement a diet containing

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rsible way any general extension of the limits of age now allowed

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tations of composition made on he basis of such analytical deter

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three or four times at short intervals every exposure being made from

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colleagues insist it belongs. They have stated in medical meetings

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spastic extremities tremor coma and clonic convidsions developed.

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio