examples I have ever seen was in a monkey, which I inoculated with

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lish, French and Canadian authorities in refusing to consider neuroses

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far, the Porro cases in fifteen countries number 272, with 150 deaths ;

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contagious malady. Minot contributes a report of a local endemic in

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purpose, is a moral obligation ; and he who would hinder the

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method was used, and on this occasion the head was divided into an an-

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Acute arthritis of infants is a disease which may properly be described

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characters of the letters ; but that when such symptoms exist, the letters be-

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properly systematized and a State wide organization effected it is

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resulted from necrosis and perforation of the stomach from such

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Stiffness of upper neck. Insomnia. At a distance of four yards cannot

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sivelj'^ in women, but lately he has himself given the notes of a case

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The book is an extremely interesting one, the more so because

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5.) These cells and their branching dendrites remind one of the

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always failed to relieve until used in conjunction with the

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less rapid invasion ; by the presence of dysphagia or odynphagia ; the

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patient vomited, after which her nails and lips and cheeks were deeply

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The chapter upon diseases of the rectum is short but explicit^

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Prophylaxis, in brief, was isolation. The use of the Depart-

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inflammatory affections of the peritoneum was just beginning to

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than in the first section. The most serious accidents are caused by adhesions

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All my experience in inoculating animals goes to disprove this state-

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Aural vertigo may be due to disease of the external, the middle, or

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it can be pulled up and down and used as a powerful means of

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their growth. The pyrexia, however induced, is favorable to the increase

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(Fig. 9). This loop was tightly wedged in the pelvis. Adhesions

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and then standing erect. Sometimes it is better to do this while holding in

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assured for such patients, or the voyage may have all its benefits coun-

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the vulva about the seat of the already mentioned chancroid. This