inference is that our methods should i e unirritating and adapted to

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this operation has been performeil after gunshot injury. In thirty of

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necessary for their prevention and the first of these will be found

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do a relatively smaller proportion of oxygen. Keeping this in

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sac exudation from inflammation of the hernia the twisting of one end

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like those previously undertaken to determine these points give

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the brain. The flow of venous blood from the canula was recorded

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eleventh day the dose of adrenalin was reduced to 10 drops and this

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measurable distance of the time when the mortality among troops

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finds that instead of stimulating the cerebral cortex strychnine

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tion of its contents permits the ring to contract further. The fimbriae

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made In that country in I84G The object of Dr. Bitlud s researchBI

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continues in a very critical state much resembling that after an

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treatment of the latter trouble. A case of gas asphyxiation suc

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the radicular zone of Nageotte along Avith the sensorv or motor

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Johns Hopkins Hospital there exists no comprehensive article on

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time to admit of decomposition taking place. A sample of urine nhich

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In spite of this difliculty another attempt was made by Dr.

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mortality is perhaps more than any other the disease of old age

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flying before his eyes. Later on in the attack he complainetl of a

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being somewhat more prominent than the right the pupils were slightly

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of hyperemesis and yellow atrophy and the combined hepatic and

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pad or cushion about half an inch thick between the forehead and

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and her pulse beat 136. She continued much ihe same during the

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catarrh. In the latter cases the operation should be declined. Again

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iiis body became of a strikingly bronzed or rather brownish colour

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laries. Under normal circumstances the liver cells secrete sugar

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it is fatal to the deep proliferation of gonococci which tend to