fever reached its highest point at the close of the cen-

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the animal, is necessary. The technic was as follows: All of the

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"The prime requisite for efficient milk control is that Health De-

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(statements, and show that putrefaction may be accelerated or retarded

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which it is intended to remove is a state to be encourged, rather than

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According to some investigations, now more than 30 years

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conspired with himself to live by sight as well as by faith, and had

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tabes each year, and of this number I do not see more than 15

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on blood-poisoning or degeneration. But they do show that the remedy may be

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the poison gets access to the membrane of the brain from the nose, passing through

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rate cases of cholera, I could depend upon producing a gradual restora-

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diluted muriatic or sulphuric acid, and then washed.

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ant physicians and the professors of the gymnasiae had acquired

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the necessary result of even a temporary sojourn in an atmos-

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Then the examination should be made very carefully and great atten-

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of the periosteal fibrous envelope, or, when it is possible, by the

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but I think to appoint a Committee calmly considering the

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I trust, gentlemen, that ere long some man, from our own ranks,

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substance which they have derived from the nerve-cells.

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The robust and young, not broken down by alcohol, with healthy

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These reactions are apparently due to hypersensitivity and have

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hysterical women. Jolly disputes the accuracy of Charcot's statements as

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Treasurer, Committee on Arrangements, Literary Committee, Committee on Legis-

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Precautions are taken to prevent the skin from coming

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may be perused with profit by the non-specialist, and

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specific form of the disease. Mr. E. Hurry Fenwick, of

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ways takes place. I think the resulting injury to the

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not remove the diseased bladder or restore the dislo-

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solution is well adapted ; and when a pure bitter is required, some

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in his bovo-vaccine for the immunization of cattle and proposes

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toieans exclusively confined to the profession for which it is

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front, and unsupported by ligaments, it is so placed as to be readily

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orifice of the vagina, and arising from the posterior margin of the os uteri. As

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We may consider population as it exists at a particular time or as

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probable that if tissue compounds are formed, they are unions of lead

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incision be made across the forearm to pick up the open