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and sluggish. The size of the anterior chamber is much diminish.

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It is so practical and clear in its demonstrations that

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ably very similar to trypsin. In view of this fact the theory has

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molecular oscillation are the two chief factors in this electrical

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tained. Burden Sanderson s paper is terse and practical. He

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oesophageal nerves in a woman. 3. Hypochondriasis three

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was then thought to be a distinct disease possessing only a few

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Modification of Peripheral Sensation during Pregnancy. Pondolfi

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arguments against delivery by turning in contracted pelvis are drawn.

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inwards round the whole circumference of the bowel so as almost

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complexity of the etiology an infectious disease that has run its

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cardiovascular degeneration especially in mitral stenosis the pulse often

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Tuberculosis. The Transactions of the Sixth International Congress

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consequence of the same kind as that numbness and so called dead

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the surface of the glass one end of this continuous graphite track

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electrical stimulation of the rectus femoris in the rabbit shows a

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as well as certain roots and tubers are included among these. The

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