plying through their own disintegration the deficit of energy thus

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constitution and their changes in metabolism. This same idea is

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laboured under very obstinate rheumatism of the feet from his last

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and such paresthesias may be followed by an actual disturbance

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present. They use no local measures until the mucopurulent

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birth and he had lived mainly on his mother s milk.

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a change in habits and this again leads to hypertrophy or atrophy

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Volvulus of the Intestines as a Disease of Hungry Men. Spasokukozky

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Complications. True gout has been associated in a few in

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heat production in the body. His observations seem to prove that

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eauses of failure in inRtrumental compressioo. The surgeon on putting

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Section of the mesencephalon during the fits abolished the clonic

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microscopically in hearts from persons dying of tuberculosis and

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This work is extremely valuable owing to the liberal

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action of the skin caused by the bath as to their temperate habits.

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meningococci and which reseml led hydroceplialic fluid. The infant

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of urobilinogen present. Indican normal. In the sediment fairly

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Such results certainly justify the operation and make it evident

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soft parts. Why should we not in cases of difficulty arining from

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tested by Mr. Stephen Darby of Leadenhall Street in a series of

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deemed possible. At this time a tube of radium was inserted into

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C. Kingsbury of Blackpool. Practical demonstrations on two

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carbohydrates such as polysaccharides of galactose mannose

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beyond that point. A case of diverticulum leading from the

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Course of the Posterior Roots. Y. Lenhossik sahas made a

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a neuralgic pain of this description and conceived herself to be

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obtained in this way in the treatment of complicated skin diseases

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washings of such cases contained more albumin than those of normal

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Europe in the direction of the east winds. That it is primarily

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There are families in the literature in which only females are affected

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denies the existence of the anterior nucleus of the vagus. Fibres

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relieves the morbid tenderness of the margin of the anthrax and the

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eess. Each patient for twenty four hours after the operati lt m

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Case V. Glioma of the cerebellum invading the pons oper

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