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versity of the City of New York, 1891. Dr. Reese's medical career
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a quart of urine, and carried away a specimen for examination,
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elementary course in bacteriology in the Hygienic Institute. Later,
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ker, was aide-de-camp to General George Washington.
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mentary supporting organs. When full grown, it maintains its
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my especial interest, and by degrees in the course of the
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and paves the way to local congestions and inflammatory condi-
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of prosector to the professor of surgery, engaging mean-
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Skene, in Aberdeenshire. This incident gave rise to the
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The book before us, though the author apologetically claims
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slowness of the cure, we apprehend ankylosis, the limb must
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the following guess, why childbirth, of all physiological functions,
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the pain, and reduction of the fever, by the salicyl compounds,
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stringent limitations imposed upon them, but dwell much and
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this in 1876 ; was president of the New York Laryngological Society
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we never ntindcd her, we had so much lo do lo keep her
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distinctly warmer, and the purple tint showed a little redness ;
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any medical man may be left in charge of the case, he
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his head on account of the soreness and stiffness of the neck.
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fissures are generally adherent. We will deal later on with the
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where he later occupied the chair of Professor of Gynecology, which
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better than cold-water applications is a large, warm, soft poul-
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periosteum, the mucous membrane, and the attachments of
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"The Treatment of Convalescent Club-foot' (Canada Jour, of Medicine and
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I cannot think you would follow me in advocating the accept-
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Dr. Richardson's warm, true heart and unselfish dispo-
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the College of Physicians and Surgeons, and since 1898 he has occu-
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but in that of medicine. . . . Thanks to these two works, and to the lesser
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in medicine at the Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New
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at the Brooklyn Hospital. Since that time he has been attending
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Medicine; engaged far one year in research work at the Rockefeller
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but he did not think it possible to pursue this same plan with
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York City, February 2, 1863, the son of William Henry and Elizabeth
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sisting of Drs. H. L. Chase, F. N. Palmer, and I. T. Talbot.
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Congress on two occasions, served the city of Buffalo as councilman,
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The Influence of Sea-Voyaging upon the Genito-Uterine Functions.
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so matters continue from four to eight days. When the attack
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by lumbar puncture (meningitis). In abscess this fluid is
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