by the Medical Council, yet any of the Qualifying Bodies may
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Childbed," Barker's " Puerperal Disease," Barnes' " Obstetric Opera-
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to arsenic, in cases where there is much excitement. Exalgin, gr. ij to iij (gm.
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■manual suDlec??Jn!5'4r''' mUc,,^e (see paragraph 6b of OPSC
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and baths, including hot sulphur baths and mud-and-sulplmr baths, also
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mined in consultation with the Chairman of the Department.
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to determine the position which syphilis holds in relation to the definition
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M. Eulenburg and Cohnheim had already shown, by the careful anatomical
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disseminatioi. Materials v^ci v^re specific to the nilitary
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ti-n -..^i^Ls^li^LiS^fJSii ^'^wnajs ar« Inspected to ensupe that a({e<tuate sanUa-
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titis is the most important toxic symptom; onset of foul-smelling necrosis of
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well classify them according to the organs to which the patient's fears gener-
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always caused by cortical lesions. These same symptoms. of motor irritation
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(Flexor digitorum sublimis et profundus, flexor pollicis
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in-patients' wards, attendance at the Cliniques for the Diseases of
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The morbid conditions chiefly to be considered in differential diagnosis are
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disease, and which is characterized mainly by excessive vertigo and loud tin-
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in many cases, the sensibility remains for a long time wholly, or almost wholly,
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all, of the cases belonging to this category should he included under dis-
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whole, more apt to have embolism than hemorrhage. At a later period of
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The Examination Commission at every "severe" examination consists
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occurring during star age and shipment • If the fish ^ows evidence of ^
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scess. The focal symptoms, if there be any, are not characteristic. They grow
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same pressure on the joint, which before was unendurable, is not even felt.
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two little antero-lateral areas, remain entirely, or at least for a long time,
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York City> made a similar announcement, but subsequently receded from its
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Metallurgy and two of each of the other threes the/ee for whioh, in-
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fibers afford the least resistance to all the injurious influences previously men-
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motor tracts, to which reference will, in part, be made later on.
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uric acid, and the waters which contain lithium have been strongly recom-
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through the skin, but have not "ef^^sarlly for^d ^ brush pinfeathers
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plane. They are not capable of as good work as before ; they show some social

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio