Next, conformation should be improved. Conformation is impor-

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,ipsis poiniiie in fKHtm-t riflior \' li dnndritf^ i<v w ifli iicrv .' coIIm It i-

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were secured, and a cheese factory about 3 miles from the town was

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;i|-trr liir adiiiinistiation of i>!iosplioi „>. Tlir s| ial si-niliran.-,- .d'

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lieve that in the zeal to hurry patients along they

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but thinly scattered over our country, they are nevertheless suffi-

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him indoors until September 21. On that day^ his physician allowed

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thanking the Council and members for the silver plat-

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A Critical Analysis of Recent Methods of Treatment of

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for the Medical Examiner of the State of Virginia, presents vital

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results. 'I'dlal ni' par'tial extirpalicm of the loliulus simplex i>nHluees side to

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and obvious size and if one takes all the incidental

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over the entire precordium. The abdomen was slightly distended and there

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American Medical Association. He is in charge of the

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pelin’s expositions which reaed like works of fiction.

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Pedigrees of imported animals, examination by Bureau, note 47

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laoved aloiiij with the thvroid, and partlv hecause the I'aet has lieeii over-

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An increase of available chlorides in the blood by intravenous infusion

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the foot, one calf 1 cm. larger than the other, and

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jejunal mucosa of normal adult type. The cells are all reg-

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meats, and meat-food products which can by marks, seals, brands, or labels be identified

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(liffcn III lntlirl<hiiil.'<, even when calculated for the same liody wei!.'lit ; it

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The effect of rapid passage through cats inoculated intrathorac-

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malignant disease. As yet, certain clinical observa-

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motion work for the meeting seeking the assistance of

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NERVOUS patients are accepted by us for observation and

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I'iiiiil I'oiiiiiioii |,:i'li. 7'<7. *>.'l. '•J I

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Officers, Councilors and Delegates were present dur-

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titis, impotency) with disappearance of those symp-

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Randolph F. L. Harms, Salisbury Geo. W. Hawkins, Salisbury

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animals Imported for this Exposition. All cattle covered by the provisions of this order

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liifre.piently oliser\.'.l. Th.' l.ioo.l supply ..f the cort.'X is ii..t n.'arly s..

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cd' oni' side to he in the same plaiii' as the superior MTticid canal of the

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establishment notwithstanding this exception, and that the persons operating the same

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tion and supervision at said establishment. For the purpose of enforcing the law and

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been conducted. In the first place, the law required the ante-mortem

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