Here the fornix and the snrfkce of the third cerebral ventricle were softened. An

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afforded in an occasional case and no permanent injury done, it is much wiser, and

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there is a real increase of insanity among the people of civilized

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tion or transfusion into the veins if performed with due precau-

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artists, and is the true magistery. We have constantly found

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England to the probable results of ophthalmoscopic examination

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tion, according to the degree of contraction of the muscle ; some

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for unreduced dislocation into the isdiiatic notch ; two cases of

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sunshine by the adjacent mountains. It is, however, proposed

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ti» adjacent difltricts of Spain. The earliest case in (Hbraltar was on 28rd of

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was described as having begun with symptoms of cold and swelling

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heaps of damp paper, which is injurious; and they are by no means a long-lived

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of bread, and other substances containing the most solid matter. The Egyptians

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anaesthesia as that ordinarily termed the anaesthetic variety.

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bine ; beUy greenish. Tongne protruded berond the gums. Papus

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type stethoscope. If the bell form is used the murmur may