lished in the Medical journals, and are described in their
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Oil, or a Seidlitz Powder may be taken. These may be followed by
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introducing atmospheric air into the pleural cavity
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have been avoided in any or all of these cases had every possible pre-
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put on record its opinion, " that the abuses which ex-
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Antiseptic Properties of Uric Acid. — As a result
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" Where tumours narrow the pelvis, the inducing of premature
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permit as an equivalent for the work of any one year of ac-
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c. Committee on Insurance, Dr. Eugene F. Still, Chairman
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One of the most surprising results of these studies is the disclosure
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his eyes were fixed. "Without waiting a moment. Dr.
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return; but the moments sped on, and no breath was drawn, and the trial
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Hemorrhages or softening, confined to the lenticular nucleus, or to tlie
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of the caudate nucleus, and a part of the optic thalamus. It rarely happens,
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tracted. Symptoms of internal congestion may occur, as abdominal
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salvarsan and neosalvarsan. The intravenous method is un-
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All over the world, but especially in tropical seas there are fish
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sagacity and foresight of Dr. Flavel whom I have known inti-
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On October 1st, Dr. Abner McLean, of who were not already members joined.
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Afhcfoid mm-ements are occasionally observed, and appear to be most
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in many instances, the seat of the vesicle has been
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had picked a profession other than medicine. Perhaps
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the cell, whereby its growth is kept up, and in $£$£
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addicted to self-abuse in early life suffer greatly from the belief that their
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imminent the danger of disturbance of the function.
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•—regards neither wealth, nor honor, nor place. The high, the low, the rich, the poor,
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be taken as a means of conviviality, or for any other than a curative in-
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After the meeting had been called to order at 10 a.m.,
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reorganized as the Industrial Club, its scope greatly enlarged, and
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cells of an alien species, and that this immune serum,
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almost afraid to insert it, lest we acquire such a fame for our love of
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posterior median columns. These ascend the cord, but depend for their