.' ttoally several months, and sometimes years. If not destroyed by some

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for twenty-eight days on a ration of cotton-seed meal one-fourth and

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or of disease, involving destruction of the lung tissue ; and that, when it

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contrary, he expressly desires, in his preface, both his " pupils

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as was used in mesentery, and mass excised. Sac was then

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Konstitutionen, Karger, Berlin, 1911, page 15, who says

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educated ; and the staff of the Westminster Hospital may be

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especially of the scrotum and labia majora. In the worst cases, the

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ablation. J. de ined., chir. et Pharmacol., Biux., 1883,

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It is noticed that hay fever is more common among persons of a

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yielding to pleurisies, catarrh, and intermitting fevers. They

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no other reason than this it would be wise at least

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sulphate of iron. "The effect was instantaneous; the hseraorrhage,

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lungs or heart may be invaded, and masses of cancer may form round the

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destination of the liiliary salts, the reader is referred to an article published by

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enclosed in a firm capsule. The brain around it was softened, but the cortex was

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Brlght's Disease. Nature and Treatment of — Simplest Forms 18, 254

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this syringe I was 'in the habit of filing through a small

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constipation, and at stool hard scybalous masses are frequently

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in cases of intubation. Meat gelatin is a good food

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l)een described as examj)les of a special variety of the disease — tj/phus suleranx*

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We shall only notice a few points in the treatment. In the

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with dressings of sheet-lead. From the first of January,

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article so closely, that it will be difficult to disengage it. He gives this as

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frequently, it was not employed. He was, at 9. 25 p.m., made to drink about three

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and at times no diamins at all could be found. In the case of Dr.

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hol produces this rosaceous condition of the skin of

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cases, and another in others, without any possibility of

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of small intestine was brought out, a small laceration

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Fritzie H, on the other hand, entered the A's apartment at all or came

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methods used would overcome some of the difficulties in the interpreta-

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distributed in a typical manner, unrelated to the original seat of injury,

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heard from all parts of the hall, a murmur succeeded by

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tain anatomical changes, in consequence of frequent bleedings into them.

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their attention drawn from the broad field of general