great, probably no other specific germ has such vitality; it will remain

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and the internal pressure causes it gradually to yield. Secondly, the

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jection of fluid, and all three cases were afterwards submitted

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vations made on 250 normal young men, I designated the upper limit

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tion to a correctly balanced food. These facts do not, how-

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there is looped up upon the shoulder, and this too entirely

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right branch of the pulmonary artery, with suppurative inflammation of the same.

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tinuous Lembert suture, entirely closing the end of

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tion had chill ; then sense of heat in head, dysphagia, swelling of face and

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satisfied that I have saved more than one life by having it.

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Treatment. — Enemas containing tincture of opium may be

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much annatto as it will dissolve. Oil of vitriol by

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to me .a few years ago, when Lord Stanley (now Lord Derby, then Secre-

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citement resulting from the necessary frequent handling makes

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass.; and Prof. Frank F. Wesbrook,

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whilst the latter — the hasty, superficial, oral examination con-

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of man, and makes it ineffectual, as corn sown in fens and

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it is possible for an invasion of the germ cells, or intrauterine

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instrument. Sometimes, when patients come to my office, I in-

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mences to be distinctly positively charged as soon as the pH is 4.0

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Surgical Instruments and Medical Appliances of every description promptly repaired.

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stramonium exercises on the sanguineous circulation. In a small dose, the stramo-

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ing, yet tough and elastic. They do not crepitate on

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whilst the leg was displaced outwards at a corresponding anoxic.

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nervous system, as observed in hysteria, but I cannot explain its

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of lack of moisture. Consciousness is still present but dulled. Violent thirst,

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2. The operation I performed was the same in each case.

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during life. The explanation is probably that during the last hours of life

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Charles Downing: — Seed was obtained from Peter Hen-

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