sciousness, cease during sleep, and are often easily cured by appropriate mental
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among its constituents some unusual acid. The investigations of Minkowsky
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couragement of the previous education of medical students: Two
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to be tasted in solution on the tongue with a glass rod or a brush. The an-
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regarded, at least with some reason, as primary chronic meningitis. It is es-
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U.S. Department of Health, Education, aj^d Welfare,
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in Qerman, to the Medical Faculty, for admissinfi to the examination ; <d) A
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and usually terminates in a surprisingly speedy death. This strange phe-
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IS not pftscRt. bitt antlftljr excludt ttt possfbltlty ©f i^fit f«Hetf«i,
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Q17. Shell clean and sound, normal in shape; air cell 1 'S" deep
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.are regarded as the vilest heresies. There is an university at Fekin
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Moore, DuShane; Spring, lecture: W., F., 1:30; laboratory: M., Tu., Th., 1:30-
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Robert Greenhalgh, M.D. St. Andrew's, 76, Grosvenor-
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regulations which will apply to all diabetics. In general, treatment must al-
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Willshire, Wilham Hughes, M.D. Edin,, 10, Parliament-
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12. After passing his Preliminary examination, the candidate will be required
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to all applicants who undergo a satisfactory examination and receire at least
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(1) Alkalies, Alkalies soften hard water by precipitation of the hardness
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i^hen this 1$ the case, tbe disease is jir^y mferrvd to as e«tro«teHt1sr<K^e
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onedical officer. Hospital practice may be permitted in certain cases
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sclerosis (vide page 368) as to progressive spinal muscular atrophy. Amyo-
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competent authority, stating the candidate's collegiate or school studies
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Scholarahip : One of £20 per annum, tenable for two years, given at
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SiAM. — The practice of medicine is unrestricted.
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the wire brush, or with the galvanic current, stroking the skin slowly back
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of the examiner. No other books or memoranda are allowed. The
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although apparently homogeneous, is found, by the addition of a solution of
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what characteristic tabetic symptoms — pupillary symptoms, absence of patel-
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tains neurons of very different physiological importance (fibers for the con-
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on the other hand, an abnormal irritability. The patient easily becomes agi-
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iion. The lectures qualify for the degrees of the various universities