roots of the same side and terminate in end-plates of muscles. Dejerine,
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tried. I have obtained good results from the use of the following in
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Complications. — Septic lobular pneumonia may occur from aspira-
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Btiology. — The condition is produced by the blocking of the pulmo-
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of the organ may be indicated by splashing-sounds, and these may be
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pancreas, of the spinal column, or of the pelvis, and retroperitoneal
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Definition. — A condition apparently of vasomotor nature, affecting
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Pathology. — The mucous membrane in simple chronic pharyngitis
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rarely commences before the thirtieth year. Hysteric spasm may also
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bacco wrapped in lead- foil has, less commonly, resulted in symptoms of
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and soon is bedewed with cold perspiration, while the lips, eyelids, and
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be shut off by careful packing, points to frontal sinus involvement.
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some coincident vascular affection, or to pressure, perhaps upon the solar
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prise you to learn that statistics prove that only 8 per cent, of
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