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treatment of entero-colitis, because these depend chiefly upon hygiene
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being brought by immigrants from Ireland. Subsequently small groups
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until it has run its usual course, gives those measures that are intended
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ture, we know, generates her poisons, why not her antidotes ?
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The phrenic nerve probably is irritated in these cases, giving rise to
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air current, etc. Thayer has shown that after a Brand bath
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them to a certain extent. Here you have, with which to ac-
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a. The largest increase of red blood cells, often above two millions
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the treatment of failing haeniatosis. Of how little avail are a nutritious
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discusses the present methods of diagnosis in stomach diseases in a care-
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work appeared we worked hard but perhaps not always entirely
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previously cited it is stated that in the three series of cases (247) that
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the lungs are left in a very susceptible condition following measles and
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pose. There are many in this country, and many in Europe.
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or heart failure from exhaustion. After a bout, particularly,
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soothing fomentation that is not relaxing like a poultice.
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spine (rachialgia), whence they are apt to dart upward to the neck and
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weight, consumes at rest 30 to 35 calories; in motion, 30 to
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The hip bath was now ordered, alternated with a perspiration bath to stimu-
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wet compress, the ice bag, and similar measures are useful and grate-
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and then kiln-dried, and the whole flavored with hops. The
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and also the discharge; then use the injection twice only in
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and the next greatest — G.T per one tliousand — was repnrtcci for
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Bouveret, who have written an excellent treatise which has been trans-
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and at enormous prices, as, for instance, champagne of a cer-
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and keeping it at perfect rest. The following ointment may also be
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gata, while the peripheral and vascular nerves and muscles, as well as
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he used. He made his skin-flaps anteriorly and posteriorly,
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brought in with others of a crew infected with scurvy. He
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We are now prepared to understand the coarser appearances pre-
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of the skin thus affected loses for a time the capacity of further irri-
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mans and German Thrift— Study of a Family as to its Diet, Cost of,
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geneous masses (cheesy pneumonia). The latter may soften, resulting
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Miliary Tuberculosis). The temperature maintains a lower level on the