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theoretical reasons lor this action none of which are conclusive.
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sets up a new action a healthful inflammatory process in place of a
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conceivable that antisyphilitic treatment might have restored
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Through an observation of Mr. Hoflman of Margate which I have
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Parkes are given in which the observations were made hourly over u
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Case LIV. Colored boy aged nine years. Incipient case of
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the superior cervical ganglion and of the gangliform plexus of the
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to the stomachs of invalids and children as well as of those whose
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the use of the remedies. From the use of calomel and digitalis
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alkaloids are poisonous and in sufficiently large doses produce con
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the cerebrum while all quantities increase the excitability of the
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liarly fit subjects for such a plan of treatment while sufferers
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oppressive to his head. The patient walks about till the perspiration
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variously employed the drug in cases of the nature indicated.
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probability be ascribed to the irritating effect which the mercury
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defects seem of less practical importance diagnostically than the
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follow We believe that physiologists in general hold the opinion
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Cape Town under date of August 26 1890 telegraphed that
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dilated and not very sensible to light. All the functions were normaL
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ture from the physiological norm and entails certain structural
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In 1771 Samuel Card described a case of aphonia following diph
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of sublimate and 100 milliamperes were used for twenty minutes
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permanent abode in the muscular tissue. The first symptoms in
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society hoa brought forward an increasing number of riska to the age
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manifestations complicating the more serious malady.
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The author controverts the views recently advanced by Nuguier
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present. It was demonstrable in 9 cases and no reaction could be
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flush with normal saline solution and inject the antimeningitis.serum
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the upper angle of the scapula. The patient made a good recovery

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio