supply of all the glands of the mouth (Harris). It may follow sudden
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of strong expansile pulsation, diastolic shock, and the aneurysmal bruit
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first appearance will be found to follow some unusual muscular effort or
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side of the chest would naturally be followed by inspiratory retraction
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More rarely in man than in the lower animals distoma hepaticum of
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rotic vessels are easily ruptured, hemoptysis — a not uncommon event
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of floating kidney), acute inflammation of the kidneys, and acute ex-
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changes in the gastric tubules, is a potent factor in the production of
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Treatment. — The blandest dietary must be insisted on, as well as
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culosis and syphilis have been considered elsewhere.
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During the attack absolute rest — mental and bodily — must be en-
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both sides as large as a fist, and produce considerable disfigurement.
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While anterior poliomyelitis was at first thought to be
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The homoeopathist was a man of tact, with winning ways,
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ment of the other organs (lungs, lymphatics, liver).
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by Dr. Richardson, will be carried on under the general direc-
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to be nodulated. A sign which is practically diagnostic of stenosis is
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the founding of the Carney Hospital, and ranks among the fore-
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cases of diarrhea, with the possible exception of those of nervous
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the origin of the chorda tympani, taste is lost in the anterior part of the
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630 pages, with over 150 illustrations and 6 lithographic plates. Price,
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Recurrence at the end of periods ranging from a few months to a year
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"The use of the gonococcus vaccine is not only indicated in the
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of some of the cranial nerves. In addition to changes in the nervous
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bits of ice. On the other hand, I have observed a few instances which
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ing principally of calcium carbonate. The calculi may be as fine as
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fifteen pounds. The edges are rounded and the substance less firm
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If the cause of obstruction be a tumor or stricture, the localitj' may be
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An entirely new work. The subject is treated concisely and clearly,
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there be diarrhea, and is attended by more or less nausea ; it may con-