symptoms and principal efiTects. . The prevalence of sterility and the frequency

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ties or the back of the head. There is rarely profuse perspiration.

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Medicine and Surgery, whether clinical or theoretical, alternately.

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it may be caused for a time by any severe injury, especially of the

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It should be borne in mind that the power of movement

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siderable number of observations were made on schoolchildren and

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well as statisticians, since ICD-9-CM codes form an

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For instance, splenic tumor and anemia are as a rult-

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the usual symptoms of the initial lesion of syphilis

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ensued. It is important to refrain from aspiration and to make but a single

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the cow is delirious, thrashing about almost continuously.

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frequent small draughts of iced water, are likely to be useful here also.

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pupils, low spirits, and absence of energy, constitute the

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trigonum, which had been opened and the pus evacuated. The

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workers in lime-kilns. According to a summary published in

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different cases. The defect is usually of the spastic type, Avith ex-

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by depressing influences. Hearty applause seconded the asser-

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rence of pregnancy or of disease of the mannnary gland. Minor ill-

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nursing given to their sick, and neglect of medical

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and scrofula, on the contrary, the respiratory exchanges of

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effects, or descriptions of the morbid states, produced by medi-

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General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio