of an index by the total movement of the galvanometer string, the
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thirty per cent., upon the growth of various forms of pathogenic and non-
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Fig. 110. — Manger with sliding hay-guard and Water Vessel (Musgrave).
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upper part of the womb and cause a slight elevation of the neck of
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adapted for enclosing a quantity of gunpowder, or other ex-
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nounced, and the curve shows a flat gradual ascent.
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of the anterior wall in the vicinity of blood-vessels that give rise
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inoculation of the virulent blood which gives the disease must be
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endanger the other patients and the elasticity of operation
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But having now spoken enough of the disease, it is high
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to the decidual membrane. While the changes just noticed
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other painful areas, when it will be found that tenderness has dis-
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patient is directed to keep his eyes open, so as to let it dry on and remain as
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The U. S. Army School for Farriers and Horseshoers at
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chapter on " Gastromalacia." i It will be enough for
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In case the central point of the screen is not in contact with
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stances the slightest of all operations on zrins^ is no longer dread-
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and heat production is seen to take place during the periods of greatest
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in any other disease, is shown by a sudden sharp fall
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ted. One tablespoonful of beef peptonoids dissolved in six
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on which he has put his fingers. I think that those
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in an amount of 10 cc. in an animal weighing ?>.S kilos, without pro-
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muscles are called into action. The rapidity is due in part to the pain
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patient is directed to keep his eyes open, so as to let it dry on and remain as
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nephritis. The natural tendency of both insurance companies
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ferred to will be found in this report under the section dealing with
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of these facts. Our scientific treatise on Haematherapy
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by the Germans during the last few years, with very
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ingredients. 5. The abundance of chromogene is independent (a) of
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people to divine aid, but they could regulate the inter-
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part of the floor enclosed in this buttery, the boards
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the preceding paper, ^ the urine giving a slight copper reduction during this time
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quent to and caused by the erysij^elatous process ;
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however, need not be further referred to. The site of invasion of the
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position is secured when they grasp the head transversely, and are
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has been produced. As a number of writers point out, therefore, the
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1903b. — Idem. [Abstract by R. 0. Neumann] <Miinchen. med. "Wchnschr.,
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operation performed several times, but the patients all died."
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whole system, becomes one of a local abscess of greater
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I Read before the FliilaiiriiihM Academy oi Smsety, Jn
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such the following rlsumh are probably the best examples : —
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is at once the cause of the athletic successes of the vegetarians
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the anus it is known as a Iozkj enema or simply an enema ; when the
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formed. Urine is acid ; its average specific gravity
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free carbonic acid gas in the urine renders this solution of free