this has actually taken place; the cicatrices of the discharged

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Clinical observation shows that, in the great majority of cases, em-

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ClERTAIN changes in nomendature recently proposed, and to some ex-

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explanation of certain of the special or specific causes of disease, has led

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without valvular lesions (these being, in a measure at least, protective),

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heart, I have cited a case in which a patient under my observation, affected

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immediate relief, and afterward those indicated by the general condition,

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medical inspectors were employed for the different precincts. The meas-

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sulted Dr. M. upon the case. After an exploration of the fis-

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disease by the most careful physical exploration. On the third

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sures of management are employed, it is diflicult to say, but it is fair to

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Chronic pharyngitis is, in my experience, an extremely common affec-

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Aside from the structures which have been mentioned, various others

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Its popularity is chiefly due to its irreproachable character T

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tism as quinia in intermittent fever, is by him considered inert,

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Profession at large with confidence, as powd ers which are

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, ForCliange: This Institution is located in a phenomenally dry, tonic, and quiet atmosphere, in the lower arc ot

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and it would be important to ascertain, by further experience,

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And in this intercourse with other physicians, while he never

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enormous amount of secretion daily. The glandular arrangement is

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the aid of signs, the diagnosis, in the great majority of cases, is made with-

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ent on bronchitis, or other local causes, rather than on an unknown con-

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that it would contain several gallons of liquid. The coats of the stomach,

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stupor, amounting very nearly to perfect coma, I was for a time

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ferential diagnosis can hardly be made with positiveness, but the chances

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To be obtained from all Leading Pharmacists, and supplied by all

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He was- as free from pride as a just sense of the dignity of

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stramonium is best suited to this affection. The usual mode of adminis-

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which is supposed to be especially prone to organization. On the other