After the meeting of the British Medical Association, I went on
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The special cause is destroyed by cold. It is a matter of common obser-
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Dr. Hughes was unable to acquiesce in Dr. Drysdale's sweeping ex-
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♦Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Chest and Throat
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to one of the grey nuclei of the corpus striatum (the lenticulus or the cauda),
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was the inward exclamation of one who had himself suf-
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smaller than normal. Above its apex something like a sesamoid bone could be
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without affecting the balance between access and quality.
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formed. The water-colour drawings and the photographs
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face is generally irregular and notched, something like that o£ a
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tions removed and dislocation reduced. Recovery from operation :
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the vertebral bodies are larger, and partly becaaise it is more difficult
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have been some of the opinions entertained respecting
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liver he was destined to perish. The inunctions with ointment of mer-
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Constance had been in Port Royal Harbour since June last.
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disappears from the mfiss of circulating blood' when the
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by competent and credible witnesses : they may therefore succeed
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Fryer, Frederick Stephenson Genney, Sydney Alfred Gibbs, Edmund Valentine Gibson,
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the proper assimilation of food we must give a mixed
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otherwise, mentally and physically, and he seems now to have sub-
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most concerns you, I must remind you that the same spirit
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fourteenth objective, giving an amplification of about one thou-
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ously less total solids, less chlorin and less nitrates than found in the
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dorsum to venter, and the name "zoster" is therefore morphologically
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The tapeworm can live for years in the intestine of man. A variety called
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bitual hours should govern the entrance as well as the exit of their
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92. Also: Arch. f. Kinderh., Stuttg., 1893, xvi, 221-236.—
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The R81e of Fixed Cells in Inflammation.— By P. B:ium-
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Dr. Conant referred to a uterine tumor that had lately been re-
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neously). Laryngeal administration of lidocaine is less
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may occur in man (e, g., Sarcoq^stis hominis) to produce the disease indicated
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the Laboratory, by Profs. Sanderson and Foster ; Brunton's
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sion to his professional advice, by convincing his patients of the propri-
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their structure, as bone, ligament, serous membrane, &c. They
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kindliness, appreciated by all with whom he came in contact, and
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