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which lay at least three inches below the surface of the dura.
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where artificial delivery waa indicated on account of obstruction or
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Nitrogenous Metabolism. The influence of digitalis and
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ftn active interference would nt once identify them with the r ular
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passage of an electric current is very much greater in the case of
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the paralysed limbs undergo in length of time are extremely variable.
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attached by perimetric adhesions with uterus in retroflexion or
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ciliary muscles were divided they appeared as mist.
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there is tuberculosis accompanied by defective nutrition. IjnfRge J J
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temperature after the nineteenth day. A blood culture made on the
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The first discharge appeared tuwardi evening while the patient was seated
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School and Hospital Attending Physician to the Post Graduate
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After labor a corresponding drop is found but even this leaves consider
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modifies the physiological functions in various ways. It has been
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who found endocardial thickening in 15 per cent of 1764 autopsies
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stimulus from the auricle to the ventricle. This does not seem to
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stomatitis of moderate severity. On March 18 an ulcer was first
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A lariet of expectorante were tried in succession but without advantage.
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jected to digestion without the addition of the cerealin uLjy l yi bh
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firmed and its effect in favoring the production of prolapsus recti
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in constipation depending upon various causes. An experience
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Colostrum continued to be secreted for three weeks the last exami
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The symptoms produced were incomplete loss of consciousness
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vomiting stopped she was given small quantities of milk every two
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losis. Pott s disease diabetes gout and others were treated with
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faintly and the ventricular sound was also weak. The radial pulse
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become filled with glassy fibrinous matter instead of as in the smooth
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pathogenesis of this disease still seems far from complete solution.
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stained with Bismarck brown showed a variety of organisms the v st
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of acquired habits that the apparent effects of increased use are
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Action of the Toxins and Microorganisms upon the Circulatort
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of the insertions of the pectoralis major made by Reuleux. con
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beat and being found after death relaxed and incapable of reacting
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In still other cases the teni erature curve may reseml le very closely