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to those laboratories, the particular business of which is to advance
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tion and defecation voluntary ; no trembling or abnormal
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drained the patient '.s costal borders moved symmetrically during
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ing the operation of milking. The milk will be thick an]
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of the larynx. After a while the arytenoid cartilage and vocal
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Lock jaw is an affection that does not attack cattle as
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ture experience will only serve to confirm its truth, and
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style c'est Vhomme;" and '^ Chastity and Elegance" of style
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thighs, accompanied by a burning sensation and sometimes, numb-
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it is exercised to any 'extent in the hot sun. But during
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discoloration of the mucous membranes, with the same deep color
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modic asthma in the child, often leads to a retraction and falling
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special action on the sexual system, especially the female sexual
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tone. In atonic dyspepsia strychnine is a very efficient remedial
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view of such facts, the common talk of race-suicide
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in mild form for a few days and then subside, without an^-
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the left apex-beat. The right ventricle has thinner muscular walls
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George R. Cutter, M. D., Clinical Assistant to the New York Eye Infir-
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variations of this and the sounds produced in the bronchial tubes.
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April 12th. The solution of potass, and magnesia has
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creased towards the left, and the apex beat may be found as low
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lived far from the place where the disease first showed it-
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results. Pulsatilla is also a most useful remedy when there are
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urination and the urine containing sugar, the liver, with various
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the symptoms. In so far as the nervous lesion is concerned,
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smooth, and usually in a day or two the conjuctivse become yel-
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Drowned Persons," as above mentioned. These lectures have been at-
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tient. Xeither of these is reliable ; the former is only com-
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cation in many cutaneous affections. A solution of from one to