of vaccination, its methods, symptoms, complications, effects,

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operation. It is important for us to decide whether the

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kyphosis, anesthesia complete up to false ribs ; third and fourth

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she was in a sound sleep, as evinced by snoring and diminished frequency

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Epilepsy. — M. S., setat. 28. Amenorrhoea for some time. Was sent

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painful part; the cupping being followed by a hop poultice.

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Pure Food and Drug Congress, it is best to withhold

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tion is limited again to those cases where the com-

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of the tissues between the shoulder and the elbow, sufBcient to

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Professor of the Theory and Practice, &c., and of Clinical Medicine in that

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reported — and the text is given in quotation marks —

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cian of Vienna, Dr. De Carro, is using his high iniluence in their recom-

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which are furnished by experiments on animals, or whether, in any other

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rather weak, with some soreness just below the right

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possesses facts tending to establish the reality of this accident ; and lastly,

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be given. — Harry Friedenwald, M.D., 1020 Madison avenue,

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We have not a list of the professors : as soon as we receive one we will

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into action by the friction of cannon-balls and shells against the particles of

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into the gourd and he would be cured. The son did so ; was bitten, and

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bands which might retain the head of the bone in its abnormal position.

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forming a fold in the vaginal wall similar to that de-

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Merritt £. Williams, ]E.I>., Louisville Medical Collie.

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neuralgias of the spine, &c. &c., to a prolapsus or other lesion of the womb.

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio