enlargement hypersecretion and dryness tumours and growths

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form of a combination with a salt of platinum. Lobeline is a

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York Skin and Cancer Hospital July 28 1909. Since that time it

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produced in a deflnite order and in regular succession. This cell it

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diminished and requires only l.G seconds instead of from 2.0 to

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was at last obliged to emigrate. No doubt suspicion of poisoning

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in doses of 25 centigrammes 4 grains it causes toxic phenomena

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bruised his left elbow. On recovering himself he found he could

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toe nails blue livid complexion pupils contracted and sensation

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Dog Weight 5 Kit.os Gave Chloroform by Inhalation Concentrated

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cnUted. In 12 of these circum scribed tumours were observed for

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and even the butyric changes but not the alcoholic.

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that is it may call forth a greater contraction. With reference to

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enabling the performance of as much or even more work under

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eitlier to congenital niaU onnation or to inflainniatorv changes leads

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of typhoid fever. Sestier has not however noticed the occurrenoe

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the scale and have the proof that growth and progcess are corollaries

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was extreme the pulse very irregular the skin was cold and clammy

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pressure cardiac arrhythmia insomnia nausea or vomiting. Such

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course of the bloodvessels. I saw this patient at intervals of six

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conclusively therefore that filtration through sand of impure

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appear to advocate Janet s method as a routine procedure he

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the patients observed by Rochard prolapsus had taken place from

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the blade and the corneal diameter. The capsule is then freely

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recommend it at once to my students at the Polvclinic.

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pernicious anemia is a chronic catarrh of the mucous membrane of the

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July the statement was made jjjfio that cholera appeared to be

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the normal constituents of healthy urine and in the other the ab

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