size for about six months subsequent to a rather severe attack of
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pressed with questions lie answers them incohenMitly. The body
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the albumose closely resemble those noticed when the globulin is
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and trichloromorphide are chlorine derivatives in the former CI
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permanent glyceride for internal use which ought only to be mixed
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in a very minor degree in other hot countries. That the prevalence
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which is indeed of no importance but frightens the patient and may
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and inflexion in persons beyond puberty anteflexions. Anteflexions
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studied consisted of 90 cases in which the pleura and perhaps the lung
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should be used. Suspensions more than two weeks old may not
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increased the appetite and sometimes acted as a laxative. It was
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the nasal or laryngeal mucous membranes. The protection of the
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the brain produces severe contusion and laceration of the brain and
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collecting from her rambling statements an intelligible account of the circum
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driacal and a grandfather of hers was subject to fits.
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cussed the treatment of the nails the subjects of ventilation food
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its prevalence for many months along the whole Euphrates Valley.
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in every other respect the results of Dr. Rupprecbt s examination as given
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modern and former observations on ulcerative endocarditis. It is
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rapid. Then a large fragment of necrotic maxilla became detached
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THE LANCET. Extract from Analytical Records August 16th 1890.
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creased the consistence increasing as the quantity decreased.
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in the avoidance of the peculiar actions of the climate of the hot
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the use of lancet shaped needles entirely because they are more
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Notes taken by Dr. Spiller shortly after his admission to the hos
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to Davos. The mean temperature of the winter months is a little
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loss of spermatozoa absence of mitosis and other peculiar changes
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Relapses. I have never seen a relapse in this disease. AVhen

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio