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day and this quontily was not influenced by diet or exercise. Grodoal

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congenital defect of metabolism leading to the roduction of toxic

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appendicitis in infants and young children is due chiefly to the fact that

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Frerichs directed attention to the coincidence of vomiting with

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to be considered as a gentleman whs addicted to it. But since the

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Flexner and Jobling s Anti serum in Cerebrospinal Meningitis. Percy

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carried on since then. At that time with a fairly large typhoid

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longer. A tube of larger diameter would perhaps pass over the pin

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can be seen opposite the umbilicus. On applying the hand a hard and

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feature the nose depressed the nostrils transverse the lips thick

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Surgery which would fully illustrate the present ad

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the parietal pericardium presented a patch of livid discoloration about iht

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to many vague ideas whidi have of late been floating in the minds

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opinion being tnat tracheotomy is an operation attended with a con

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the cases treated by himself or under his immediate superintendence

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it from bemg rotated in the other direction. From the outer end

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Fig. 3. Showing field of operation eighteen days after it

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intestinal canal. 5. Immunity of the intellectual faculties and special

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on the nerve trunks. It would seem as if the nerve trunks might

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In fever with a greater number of respirations in a given time the

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favourable to the development of nervous symptoms. Hysteria

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Hypertrophic Callus after Fractures. That hypertrophic

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of these remissions the temperature remains constantly and uni

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discovered in the feces and the patient was treated on the basis of

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increased the operation is warrantable. I believe that gastro

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gutta percha tissue are then bandaged over the sclerosed area.

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most fre uently at the base. Tliey are generally heard in the

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Examination. By external piessure on the abdomen I discovered a tu

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so little attempted in this connection but at the suggestion of Dr.

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which to combat the cerebral excitement of delirium tremens and

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life at sea are calculated to materially help toward recovery. The

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have frequently relapsed and in those which have induced a cachectic

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case. Heart normal in size and position. Pericardial adhesion

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transverse presentation had been demonstrated by Ambroise Fare the

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio