It is shown in order to elicit opinions as to its pathogenesis.

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injection well ; cedema was slight, and had disappeared at the end of

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bringing on this condition. Opiates must be freely administered and

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Resident students of tke Arts and Medical Departments are

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more widely separated than after tliey have reiwatedly re

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1 >ne of them was a woman who also showed some symptoms of loco-

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If we add, to what has already been said, that the abscesses, which

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shall know them." Many physicians are conducting these

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aminer, which will come into being the first of next

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of the others. These advantages are thus stated by the author : —

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" William Atkins, aetat. six years, residing in the World's End Passage,

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the size of a man's head and the penis swelled and distorted. The case

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Dublin. In the mean time, the observations of Drs. Gerhard and Pennock,

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clothes only. The next day she cried constantly from pain in

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In a forty-fourth case (1896 ; age at onset 1 year 4 months ; ill thirteen

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or Carter's Diseases of the Eye. Frey's Compendium of His-

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ufed more regularly. Cantharides to be repeated in fmall dofes.

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induced by disease of the pelvic organs that cannot be obtained from mere

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Hosp. Rep., Lond., 1886, xi, 63. — IVeiirilis si)ecitica mit

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nective tissue is changed to gelatin and dissolved above 160° P.

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gular rapidity. Dr. Buisson, in the communication of

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markedly affected by the slightest exertion? The systolic pressure is low.

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distended. Suddenly the centre of the pe- rare indeed that between the age of one and