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Pathologically, three classes of cases maybe recognized:
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boiled and the other raw, each weighing ten grains. The tempera-
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Murray, President, in the chair. — Professor Simpson introduced a
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Lessons in Physical Diagnosis. By Alfred L. Loomis, M.D.,
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eases, Vol. I, No. 1, .January, 1904, p. 1; MacNeal, "An improved medium for
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to 6 oz. in a porcelain capsule. This is to be put on thinly at night with
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immediate effect at least, and at the same time I gave
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often has been conveyed immediately to the stomach, by wines
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their attention chiefly to the following jioints : In the
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valescents any place for out-of-door exercise. The short space of four years
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might arise from an attempt to interpret therapeutic effects obtained
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supply of fresh air is cut off by reason of defective pulmonary expan-
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got better ; lungs pronounced clear. Three or four months — voice getting
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and two pieces of silk before the operation, after the
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fluid. Effervescing mixture often helps to clean the
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If the tissues are all relaxed and the uterus is readily brought into con-
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Real progress, on the other hand, has been made by the
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chini for Allspice (fruit of Eugenia Pimenta), whereas
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in New York, who made his first reputation in the then
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tion to forget the effects of the severe cold we have ex-
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and to the editors of the three London weekly Medical
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to raise, the latter slightly to tighten and to raise, the pelvic floor.
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or worrying and laborious occupations; and have moderate but at the
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though slowly, yet surely, cures the malady. Weak aqua
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and the more modern and antiseptic surgical methods of treat-
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tion, certainly regret, wliich filled the thoughts of the Fellows.
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of those parts where it is peculiarly endemic, in relation to the
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