orrhage, to syncope and the diminished force of the blood current, and to
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tings up o' nights with old Blank's patients ; of the chemical
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rily affected may give rise to prominent symptoms. Nevertheless, experi-
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would prevent a very considerable portion of all haemor-
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ance in places where it had been replaced by bronchial respiration.
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the fmgular exemption of the dogs in Egypt from hydrophobia
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sounds, respectively. The normal caliber of the urethra was 33
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She can now swallow solids. A remarkable trait in this case is, that the
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4.5 days, when fed exclusively on the diet (Experiment X), yet, although
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class, the average age at entry, and the average duration of
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He had been operated on once before in the General Hospital.
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the malignant cases both these groups of symptoms are of overwhelming
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ing the proper correction will feel strained when the cor-
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Large deposits of fibrin at base of brain. Am. Jour. Med. Sci., July 1867, pp. 17, 34.
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The results of the deformity are, naturally, most serious
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tending the limb, to tend to force the articular surfaces apart.
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passive abduction frames. The splint provides active and func-
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complexion that venous blood is circulating in the arteries, opium
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stricted to the stool examinations of persons who have been
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on October 17th, 1862, with a severe attack of erysipelas of the face,
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years ; for two years the urine contained blood ; and for six
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method of treating chlorosis suggested long since by Tessier.
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Propriet^s et Fonctions de la Moelle Epinifere: Rapport sur quelqucs Expe-
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he said, to a general morbid condition, the less there was
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leg. An object is picked up off the ground by bending the