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vulsive attacks. The coma then again became deeper, and she died at the
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It has been stated that from an examination of the renal epithelial
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Hippocratic doctrine, but which, nevertheless, rests upon no better foundation
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at Imposition of Pigs' Bladders, for Cystic Formations in the Uterus.
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which arise from the nature of the hospital itself.
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fibers, having in its meshes varying amounts of the normal contents
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ramosis, csespitosis, late intricatis, et fasciculatis, conidiophoros breves gerentibus
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The first reference to this subject which is to be found in literature
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sufficient to cause the disease. " One ounce of butter or cheese or 4
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surgeons that the small intestine was never found in Douglas's cul-de-sac, Dr.
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Theses and dissertations to the number of 854 have been received on exchange from the following European
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for two years and a half. In July I made the first ap-
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hitherto been performed by the introduction of instruments through the mouth,
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Royal 4to., with 48 Coloured Plates, bound in half-leather, price 4/. 4.r. ; or in 13 Parts, price (>s. each.
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Early in the year the County Tuberculosis Hospital, to which Winston-
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1887 a.— Importation des viandes de pore de provenance am^ricaine: mode
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of doors. When the cough, at first, is tight and painful, with little
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are of chief importance in acrofulotis enlargements of the knee^ and may also
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the sympalkelic or ganglionic xyaU-m. Of the morbid conditions wbi(*
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rior!. Gior. d. r. Accad. di med. di Torino, 1873, 3. s., xiv,
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or the bases of large fungating growths after destruction of the tumor
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change. The characteristic cells on its surface drop off in all
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which the filters are connected above by means of rubber stoppers
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The last included two of these ; and I doubt not one of the preceding was made
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to counteract, and can only consider the subject of consecutive hyper-
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observes that, theoretically, the treatment of diabetes ap-
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however, recover from the immediate effects of the disease, and succumb
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Boil the potassium bicarbonate and arsenic trioxide, in a tared
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be likely to render their operation hurtful should they not prove success-
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breaking of the bones of the leg by subcutaneous section and the application of
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