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calm placid and contented. Both limbs were placed in splints add
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But neither the clinical symptoms nor the pathological anatomy
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for which the leukocyte theory is entirely inadequate such as the
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the idea of which is to imitate as nearly as possible the conditions
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ber of micro organisms increasing when the filtration is rapid.
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tioned by H. Robinson Dec.H 80 in which the feet were deformed and
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of acute pain and found a deep fissure just within the sphincter and
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course may be either acquired or congenital. The congenital form is
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In 1771 Samuel Card described a case of aphonia following diph
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of two round headed nails. They most effectually answered their
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of the smooth muscular fibres among which may be classed atony
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negative. In the other 7 cases in which bacilli were found in the
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equal ease by the digestive secretions and in certain species of
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Any interruption of this kind diminishes the nervous energy of the
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favourable to the development of nervous symptoms. Hysteria
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prostatitis. In this article there are two significant statements
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Before injecting a aolution of the salt of litbia the bladder is wasbed
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Miss McLsaac well and favorably known as the author of
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allotted to three groups First cases in which both eyes were
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and is more potent. Eight ounces 256 grammes are macerated
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the height of the disease in attempting to take drink or nourish
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equally distinct from the ulcer with cauliflower like fungous growth
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apparatus described in the paper is new and shows great ingenuity
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Dettweiler stated at the Tenth International Medical Congress
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instances in 5 it appeared to have been arrested and in most of
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Pulsation from an enlarged liver is fre uently met with in the final
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riably depressed the decrease varying from 0.662 to 3.624 per cent
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found chiefly in ra idly fatal cases. If the disease is prolonged
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cubic metre on the lake 8 per cubic metre at an elevation of
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tions by the obatetriu binder. He strongly recommends the use of
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It is however at the last period only of the disease that the
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geons. The governor of each province is charged with the manage
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gard it strictly as an infectious disease that is tWTnounicsted by mere
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