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quite severe symptoms of poisoning from the use of atropine
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which rendered the patient unable to walk or even to stand u.
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testing the peripheral sensibility of patients during pregnancy. His
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The easiest and only satisfactory diagnostic method is the exami
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it. Again there is no doubt that in most cases the action of
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pneumogastric they receive branches from the superior thyroid.
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we shall have weaned the British soldier from the baneful habit of
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Mesopotamia in April m Jsi was noted in the city of Mossoul. In
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fonnerly mollified bones regained their natural hardness and it may be there
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attacks of extreme cyanosis with subicteric color of the skin and con
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joint with a solution of boracic acid and then injects the iodoform
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The whole address indeed is at once practical and philosophioid
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patient to bear the expense of the skiagrams. The number here
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added to a series of test tubes containing equal amounts of casein
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F. Waugh Alg 6 reports 4 cases of anorexia from various causes treated
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During August she began to notice some disturbance of her eye
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diseases were amenable to hypnotic suggestion. On the whole
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parents are generally worse fed worse clothed and worse lodged the
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cause. He was a perfectly healthy looking man of active habits and
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or exaggerated and with increased dilatation due to the administration
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means of treatment. Many other reputable physicians regard
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garlic infusions were given with little appreciable eftect. Benzine
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where naphthalin is used to clean out large coppers experience
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by the balance. The following are the mean results obtained in man
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cerebral inhibition over the motor tracts we should not resort to
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