years standing completely cured by the galvano caustic treatment.
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increasing doses the serum responds by the production of an anti
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Further the general state of the patient seems to be improved
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The Diaphragm. The skiagrams were taken under full inspira
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Following in the steps of Drs. Hittorf and Erlenmeyer Pr. Hood
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Heart. The apex beat is usually diffuse reaching beyond the
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that what we know alike of the pathology and of tbe physiology of
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stage is reached. They object to astringents on theoretical grounds.
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deposits along the sheaths of the extensor tendons of both hands
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Case XXXVI. C adult male. Cavity at both apices with
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Dr. Salter discusses fully the treatment of the paroxysm by depres
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In some cases marked pallor and oedema of the eyelids. Still more

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio