8 fluid drachms = 1 fluid ounce (480 m.) == 455.6 "
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only parturition, which was protracted, as I was informed, and
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warming, ventilation may be most easily accomplished, by an
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suffered for many years from a reducible inguinal hernia of right
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In speculating upon this point, I have ever been forced to
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research, whether in science, technically so called ; in ethics or theol-
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whole community, into a panic, with a report that it might be
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when I was informed that he was inclined to assent to my
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A clear comprehension of the phenomena of nervous action
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vomit. It seldom occurs directly after food, as is often the case
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by an idea (?) which does not, this principle was suggested
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I prescribe two large tumblers of water to be taken every mornirig
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he knows about medicine, the more likely he is to be benefit-
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detected. Its admixture with water is palatable and is proba-
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gelatine impregnated with collargol may be introduced
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anything of practical value. The causes of disease are so obscure, and the
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time, properly speaking, has no existence except in connection with a suc-
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not contra-indicating circumstances, as a sine qua non, for the speediest, safest
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sternal fossa, with a long narrow bladed knife. The external
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*Does not tliis explain why mechanical distension of the stomach, &c, with Innutritions sub-
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Xothing can be simpler than this operation. It suffices to in-
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uterus, and without any favorable adjustment of the head after
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the infant, but the evil factor consists of the painful contraction
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volumes will be Three Dollars per year. If paid in advance, the terms will remain
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Hamburg, S. C, October 30, 1849. She had already passed through
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in the practice of other physicians, both at home and abroad, and
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offers an explanation of the apparent absence of free hydro-
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in its proceedings an elaborate argument intended to prove that disease
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the late productions of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, are respectfully invited to calL
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one of the rings, or in the course of the canal. Taxis was re-
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the efforts used in evacuating the feces, and the parts cleased by
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The primary cause of the circulation has already been so
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our various articles of food having an organized texture, require
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— One of our collaborators, Prof. J. Adams Allen, claims to ante-
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sonal knowledge of the remedy, I felt it to be my duty to do so, that it was
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nation with a probe, there was no difficulty in passing it through
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chapters, from which we have already offered examples of the writer's
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