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the urine of the gouty have failed to show any constant excess or decrease
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structure, and is, therefore, of minor importance. I have selected for the figures
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encouraging results, with the injection of solution of iodine into
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There is positively, he afBrms, no such thing as an "innateaad
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to refer to the two cases mentioned bv the late Mr. Liston, in his ' Practical
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that some of the strongest of the blue lines in the copper spectrum
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The worst of persons who undertake a "specialty" like
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it is the pain which gives rise to the error. An inquiry into the history,
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Nitro-glycerin, therapeutics of .... 1 10, 155, 176, 312
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cases of typhus in which the apparatus of the organ was completely
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had been somewhat of a constrained feeling, perhaps,
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portion b found a square plate of the ethmoid bone 3^ inch in diameter,
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are the principal immediate causes of death. Splenectomy for malignant
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Pneumotomy. — Dr A. C. Lamothe Ramsay of St Cloud, Minn.,
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of the blood, though whether due to the acetone and diacetic acid
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In our experiments, as already noted, both the carbon and hydro-
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have used repeated small injections (in order to avoid a sudden
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on the following day to normal and remained so until his
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o nn ' - --■> t*".— T-nn - 1-™-. Wed. - Fh. 8:00 - 9:30).
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drained away. In the evening the temperature was 100^, and the man com-
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with the animal in a normal state the conclusions thus drawn
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to take over immediately a large established practice
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mankind when they rescued these particular treasures
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ty, who is thus fed with creamy sterilized milk, will go
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measure holding nearly 3 dr. of the powder, should accompany
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thing from w'hich the men suffered being occasional rheu-
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on a strict milk diet. The average case I keep on milk and
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nesday, Thursday, and Friday, August 27, 28, and 29, I8S4.
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flies in any given neighborhood, because they soon die off for want
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On the Study of Diseases of the Nervous System ^ Dr. Hughlings Jackson.
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complaint, based on the results obtained from an analysis of the stomadi-
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appearance of the vesicles to the end of the exanthem
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in regard to different sensations, are equally to be put
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bacillus, and characterized, anatomically, by a croupous-diphtheritic faucitis,
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Darling (1913) as the 'small generation' of Entameba
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names that are very much like expenditure targets advocated by
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one fact is clear, the greater number of influential men stand as