stumps me beyond any thing I have ever come in contact with. He

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Microscopical examination of the cortex of the bram, medulla,

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clearly printed, and for the convenience of students they may be obtained

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secting microscope, put a quite small drop of salt-solution on the

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ture, and poisoning of the nervous centers by bacterial toxins are the

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As stated on page 208, heredity is not usually noted in progressive

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the removal by excision of a portion of the long and lax sig-

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gather, upon " the manner in which the blood escapes " (60) ; acute

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the seizures he would roll about in bed, and sometimes there

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other cases the same diseases at the base, convexity, or in the medulla

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convex cylindrical glass. Objects have become so dim

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'excesses in eating or drinking, etc. The activity of the special cause is also

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the right eye. The eyes were protruded from decomposition. There were

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For six weeks, dating from the time the stools become

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was read by title, and referred to the Sub-Committee.

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no pigmentation on the. skip or mucous membrane. The carotids

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Dr. Henry A. Tobey has been re-elected superintendent of

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If caries attacks a tooth early in the horse's life, the opposing

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In most cases the calming influence of the bath was noted, but it does not

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expense while awaiting action on a waiver submitted from Parris

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three-fourths to one inch (and the total loss of life to the

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light, add vinegar, heat almost to a boil. Stir in the beaten

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tention and medical stores and supplies as heretofore provided by or

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Ivsis, profound coma, and other symptoms mentioned, this is compression or

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supercilii and occipito-frontalis muscles and the tegument of the

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When persons do not get strong, although they eat a great deal, they will

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other hand, the ileo-ciecal valve is incompetent, the small intes-

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physical signs of hypertrophy of the left ventricle there be added

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nephritis, in the affection commonly known as acute albuminuria, and as a

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victorious general, is more intent on driving out the enemy, than in

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permanent in some, while in others there has been some slight and temporary

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is a matter of common notice and its importance is not difficult to

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medicine everywhere, including those in cities, do not

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only be induced by strong and deep movements of direct percussion,

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the activities and methods used by Alivizotas were well

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could not possibly have developed within tlie two hours i)re-

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Examination after the administration of the test breakfast and