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attempts to walk. In 1862 he complained of impairment of vision followed

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bronchial catarrli viz. that it facilitated expectoration. In both

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According to Quincke s experience in many infectious diseases

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vegetables. Large masses of undigested food are usually the result

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and the recesses of the nostrils show various forms of lesion chieny

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Wttj who were snbjecled to no trealmetU lokatever. And in regard to the

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the several methods of milk testing hitherto in use is to be attributed

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Calcium lodate. W. Dunnet Spanton ar i finds that this salt

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globin of the blood is far in excess of that actually required by

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is usually regarded as a fair test of the healthiness or otherwise of

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cause of the hsemorrhage. Moreover a careful examination with

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the employment of a mixture of oxygen and the monoxide of nitro

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The j rostate should be palpated and possible sacculation of the

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the treatment of consumption rational management in a sanitarium

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ters applied to the splenic region. Before applying tlie skin is to

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of white flour was concerned but when this flour was subjected to

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the other a sporadic disease identical with typhoid fever or dothi

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denly and wlio always had been cyanotic sickly and weak. Another

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aid with 1 crowing sound indicating laryngeal otistiuction. The trachea

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A good many cases of influenzal arthritis have been reported but

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years after the parts were in the same condition. In a second case

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Another patient has been greatly benefited by gymnastic exercise.

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threadworms were the probalile cause of chorea. Gastro intestinal

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From a long series of experiments made upon dogs in which

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of the hands and the feet. The time which elapses between the

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alone. In addition a definite contracture is developed in the

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